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The list is far too grand and splendid to cover it all right here. Check out this list for a full run down on what to expect at the Kokopelli Relay.

No refunds are available for your entry fee. Even in the event of an injury, family business, personal emergency, and other similar circumstances. Sorry, there are no exceptions. We do however allow rider substitutions. To see our entire refund policy, click here.

Absolutely. As a relay, we don’t want you team to suffer because you aren’t able to make it to the start line. It is up to you and the other party to work out any financial compensation for your race entrance. You will need to contact us and inform of us the transfer.

Registration is only done online. You will submit all of your team information online.

Click here to register for the Kokopelli Relay.

Registration opens each year at the beginning of January.

If the date has past, and it says registration is closed, please call us at 662-306-0407. We can’t guarantee, however, that you’ll be able to register after official registration closes.

A Mixed Team is a team that has at least one male and one female.

Each team, for the most part, will be composed of 4 or 8 riders. Teams select which riders will ride each leg.

In past years, teams designated specific riders for required legs. For example, Cyclist 1 rode legs 1, 5, and 9; Cyclist 2 rode legs 2, 6, and 10; and so on…

While specific leg order requirements are no longer enforced, each rider in the competitive categories must ride at least 3 legs.

We direct those who are looking for additional teammates to post about their need to join a team on our Facebook page. Click here for the fan page.

The course is extremely challenging, and so far only 2 riders (Nathan Manwaring and Steve Hadley) have completed the course solo since the course began in 2010. That being said, we KNOW the course can be completed solo! You have 38.5 hours to complete it. Feeling up to the challenge? Please send an email to the Race Director for consideration.

Yes. We have had a whole team of tandem cyclists, and also one tandem bike on a team acting as 1 cyclist. Teams with tandem riders are not allowed on competitive teams. To register some of your cyclists as tandem riders, please contact us at [email protected].

*Please note each tandem cyclist will be $120 per person. So a team with all tandem riders (8 riders) would be $960.

Competitive teams and non-competitive / fun teams will be differentiated by their bike plates. If a competitive class team is caught cheating they will be disqualified from the official results.

If a non-competitive / fun team is caught cheating, then so be it. They are just out to have fun and are working to finish the race. Relax and enjoy the ride. Results for non-competitive / fun class teams will be posted separate from competitive class results.

If you see a competitive team cheating, we ask that you record the cheating with your cell phone or camera so that we can clearly see the cheating and what team number they are. It is very difficult for us to verify any cheating without physical proof. The officials reserve the right to make any calls on cheating as necessary.

In general, the answer is “No”, we do not allow traditional aero bars. For the safety of others that you will be riding with, we cannot permit them. There may, however, be a physiological need for bars used for resting the body and not for increased aerodynamic efficiency. If you believe you require an exception, please contact us.

The team captain is the main point of contact for race officials and the team. They are usually the one that instigates putting a team together and making sure everyone is up to date on their team plans for the race. It take a little extra work, but nothing extra special.

Packet pick up details will be made available as the event date approaches.

Details about packet contents are still being gathered. Check back later for more information!

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Here is the List.

Yes. We actually recommend this. It’s nice if you can have someone behind the wheel that doesn’t have to worry about being drained from just completing a ride. This is becoming more and more popular and provides another level of safety.

As of now, Yes. If you do this though, we ask that you have at least 1 designated driver per vehicle that is not participating in the race so that the cyclists have enough time to relax and recover between rides.

Yes. This a great option if you have the resources to make it happen. We only ask that you practice extreme caution as you will be passing many cyclists on the road.

Here is a link to all photos from all completed races.

Here is a link to all results from all completed races.

We’re definitely not meteorologists, but we do know that is really pays to be prepared for just about anything.

For our race you need to be prepared for 100+ degree heat as well as sub freezing temperatures during the night. Our first year we had snow going over Boulder Mtn pass as well as the Cedar Breaks Mtn pass. Be prepared for heat, cold, and rain/snow!

Unless there’s a volcano erupting at the start line, the show will go on.

This would only be done under very rare conditions that would involve safety or legal issues. You’re not looking for an excuse to back out already, are you?

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