2019 Start Times

Team NameCategoryBib NumberStart Time
Dwaine AllgierSOLO16:00 AM
AARP Gold Coast RidersMen 4A Competitive1007:30 AM
Cache Gran Fondo Elite 2Men 4A Competitive1017:30 AM
Cache Gran Fondo Elite 1Men 4A Competitive1027:30 AM
Comic PedalersMen 4A Competitive1037:30 AM
Missing LinksMen 4A Competitive1047:30 AM
SummitMen 4A Competitive1057:30 AM
TBAMMen 4A Competitive1067:30 AM
Team TitanMen 4A Competitive1077:30 AM
TRGO Men’s TeamMen 4A Competitive1087:30 AM
Two Utahns and a Couple of HoosiersMen 4A Competitive1097:30 AM
Your MomMen 4A Competitive1107:30 AM
Bones BrigadeMen 4B Competitive2007:00 AM
Salty DogsMen 4B Competitive2017:00 AM
Brutal BikersMen 4 Non-competitive2506:00 AM
Crank JuiceMen 4 Non-competitive2516:00 AM
Greeks and GeeksMen 4 Non-competitive2526:00 AM
LoToJa OneMen 4 Non-competitive2536:00 AM
LoToJa TwoMen 4 Non-competitive2546:00 AM
Lunch RideMen 4 Non-competitive2556:00 AM
SLCC RocksMen 4 Non-competitive2576:00 AM
South County Cycle 1Men 4 Non-competitive2586:00 AM
South County Cycle 2Men 4 Non-competitive2596:00 AM
South County Cycle 3Men 4 Non-competitive2606:00 AM
Team GRUMen 4 Non-competitive2616:00 AM
Porcupine/Cityworks BMen 8 Competitive3006:30 AM
ColavitaWomen 4 Competitive4007:00 AM
Porcupine/CityWorks AWomen 4 Competitive4017:00 AM
TRGO Women’s TeamWomen 4 Competitive4027:00 AM
Beauty and the Beasts Take 2Mixed 4 Competitive6007:00 AM
Gold StandardMixed 4 Competitive6017:00 AM
Mi Duole Beauty & the BeastsMixed 4 Competitive6027:00 AM
Mid-Bike CrisisMixed 4 Competitive6037:00 AM
Wheel WatchersMixed 4 Competitive6047:00 AM
Tapering Since ChristmasMixed 4 Competitive6057:00 AM
Endurance NomadsMixed 4 Non-competitive6506:00 AM
Chafing the DreamMixed 8 Competitive8006:30 AM
Cirris SystemsMixed 8 Competitive8016:30 AM
From A to WZMixed 8 Competitive8026:30 AM
Wheelie AwesomeMixed 8 Competitive8036:30 AM
Cache Gran Fondo Fun TeamMixed 8 Non-competitive8506:00 AM
LoToJa ThreeMixed 8 Non-competitive8516:00 AM
Just Here For The Carbo LoadOpen 5 Non-competitive9506:00 AM